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Leading Through the Pandemic: A New CEO Playbook — What's That?



What to Expect from Leading Through the Pandemic: A New CEO Playbook — What's That?

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In the aftermath of a worldwide crisis, is there a difference in leading through adversity for established leaders and newly elected CEOs?

Many of today’s association leaders came of age studying and experiencing a classical model of leadership. Their missions were advanced by executing with economies of scale and static capabilities such as efficiency and quality; and they achieved those advantages through deliberate analysis, planning and focused execution. But if this is your first dance as a CEO, where’s the script?

The traditional playbook for strategy is no longer sufficient as associations, sectors, and professions are rapidly becoming more complex and dynamic. Industry boundaries are blurring. Product and professional life spans are shrinking. Technological progress and disruption are rapidly transforming association ecosystems. High economic, political, and competitive uncertainty is conspicuous and likely to persist for the foreseeable future.

In this session, panelists will answer:

– How are these recently appointed CEOs navigating the post-pandemic landscape?
– How are they reimagining and harnessing new ideas with their staff and board?
– How do they achieve resilience in the face of uncertainty?

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