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Practical Techniques for Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Data



What to Expect from Practical Techniques for Enhancing Business Intelligence Using Data

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Research has demonstrated that the average human attention span now lags behind goldfish in our ability to focus on a task or object. In today’s digital age where data is saturated and attention spans are shortening, how can you strike a delicate balance between providing the right amount of data to drive organizational decision making? In this session, a diverse panel with varied backgrounds representing small, medium, and large organizations share their thoughts on data collection, utilization, and communication to support organizational knowledge. Panelists will share their experiences and provide practical techniques aimed at enhancing business intelligence as a platform for making data-driven business decisions.

  • Dean Comber, PMP, CSM, Director, Software Initiatives, Health Solutions Group American Medical Association
  • Kanaka Sathasivan, MPH, Director of Communications, Texas Nurses Association
  • Keith Darby, CAE, CMA, CSCA, CFE, MBA, Executive Director, San Mateo County Medical Association
  • Mark Nelson, PHD, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, System Dynamics Society

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