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Rebuild Your Senior Leadership Team with a Purpose



What to Expect from Rebuild Your Senior Leadership Team with a Purpose

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Associations are rebuilding, reframing, and restarting and your senior leadership team needs to do the same to ensure you have the culture and team that can evolve and sustain. This session will break down the event theme under the lens of building a strong, integrated, and successful senior leadership team. The team of the future is not one of assimilation but one where the established structures are collaborative with healthy challenges of perspective for the good of the communities the associations are serving. We will break down how to change the culture of your senior leadership team and how to integrate a culture of inclusion to rebuild and come back stronger. We will explore how to reframe your senior leadership team to prove value that everyone on the team will understand and want to support. Finally, the session will present foresight focused approaches to the traditional senior leadership model to restart and prepare for the future.

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