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Streamlining Certification and Credentialing



What to Expect from Streamlining Certification and Credentialing

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What would you do when your business model depends on 20 certifications – offered via 100+ routes to earn them, dependent on dozens of manual processes, created in legacy custom code, residing in multiple disparate systems? How would you modernize the tech stack, eliminate manual processes, and improve the constituent experience – while keeping the current model open for business? This is the joy of American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), and exemplifies the issues many certification and credentialing organizations are dealing with today: how to rethink, rebuild, and redeploy, and simultaneously ensure that value, standards and revenue are protected.

Join Ron Mark Moen, Chief Information Officer with ASCP, and Heather McNair, Chief Customer Officer with Cloud Generation, as they present a model for modern certification and credentialing. They will share examples of streamlining, automation and personalization at scale that the community can adopt and adapt to their own needs. They will also discuss up-and-coming processes that organizations like ASCP have started to implement in all phases: application, award, renewal, and verification.

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