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Technology Showcase Awards featuring Mixtroz



What to Expect from Technology Showcase Awards featuring Mixtroz

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Networking is awkward. Mixtroz fixes that. Research shows that simply hearing the word “networking” makes people feel physically dirty. We’re here to change that. Mixtroz offers human-to-human connection without the forced small talk. Overview Graphic New Encounters Diversify your circle. People like the idea of mixers, but too often resort to scrolling on their phone or talking with people they already know. Mixtroz pairs you with others who share similar interests so you can begin to broaden your network with ease. Dynamic Breakouts Deliver engaging presentations and prompt audience participation. Ask questions, facilitate brainstorming, or break into small groups for discussion. From classroom to conference room, Mixtroz gets your people talking while you collect meaningful data about who those people are and what makes them tick. Authentic Connections Make professional contacts without the small talk. Fill out survey information before you interact so the conversation flows smoothly and the connection feels organic. Build seating arrangements and room rotations to encourage as many new interactions as possible. Real-Time Data Elicit critical feedback from attendees before they walk out the door. While most participants won’t bother taking the time to fill out an event survey that gets emailed to them days later, prompting participants to reflect on their experience while they’re still actively engaged improves user adoption and broadens the scope of feedback you receive, offering a 360-degree ROI.

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