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Test Drive Your Shiny New Membership Model



What to Expect from Test Drive Your Shiny New Membership Model

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Content consumption is changing at a rapid pace. Social media, tech companies, and end-of-the-alphabet generations are rewiring market demand. And while for some, the traditional association models, are still holding ground, there's a keen awareness of the change ahead for organizations. Faltering membership numbers and increasing boomer retirements are pressuring association leaders to revitalize their legacy models and brand reputations for organizational preservation. But when do you know when your organization is ready and prepared for a tune-up? Join us as we explore the key indicators for membership remodeling and more diversified programming.

Specifically, we'll dive into:

  • Audience and organizational readiness
  • Program ideation and mapping to round out customer and member value
  • The technology mixology needed to support your new model
  • The metrics you need to determine revenue readiness and impact

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