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The 21st Century Association CXO, with Safi Bahcall



What to Expect from The 21st Century Association CXO, with Safi Bahcall

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Associations rarely fail to innovate due to a lack of ideas. Creating an innovation lab and applying lean and agile methods are commonplace.

Associations most frequently fail in adoption: in bridging the divide between artists and soldiers. Learn three initiatives - changes to structure rather than culture - that the 21st-century association CXO can introduce to solve this problem.

  • Fixing measurement: how using a carefully designed innovation matrix can help align your Board, executive team, and employees, as well as encourage intelligent risk-taking.
  • Fixing balance: how a specialist group of program champions, with the right reporting structure and skillset, can reduce politics and resolve problems in the middle layers, freeing the leadership team to lead rather than referee.
  • Nurturing experiments: why business plan competitions and focus groups kill innovation, and what you should do instead.

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