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The Resilience Pathway: Leadership for a New Era



What to Expect from The Resilience Pathway: Leadership for a New Era

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Developing resilience is easy to say but hard to define and even harder to accomplish. Explore how executives have advanced, hit speed bumps, reset and restarted. From the CEO's perspective, it is an immutable truth of life and leadership that every person's strength can also be a weakness. Understand how to elevate "to be" to the same level as "to do." We will consider:

  • If and how changing times have altered your views of your workforce type of talent, where they work and how they work.
  • If and how external politics have affected your organization and how to navigate it.
  • How a continuing public health care crisis will affect your association's business model.
  • Steps to take to ensure stability and growth of your association during uncertain times.
  • Where resilience comes from.
  • Key executive decisions in the journey to a resilient organization.
  • How to build leadership resilience.

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