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Unlocking Your Data: How to Build Your Own Tech Stack without Limits



Let's be real: Associations are complicated, but choosing what platforms and products you use to run them shouldn't be. For years, association management systems have ruled the industry for their all-included approach for membership organizations. But in today's world, when very few systems do everything really well, is it possible to build a system by hand-picking the best-in-class platforms to serve your members at every step of their journey? We think so. 

In this panel discussion moderated by MemberJunction co-founder Andrew Crispino, we'll discuss how associations can seamlessly weave together their ideal tech stacks and lay the groundwork for AI- and Web3-powered experimentation. By creating a universal data model that serves as a single source of truth for an association's entire database, you can unlock an entire world of SaaS products, platforms and applications previously unavailable in an AMS-centric world.

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