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What’s the Problem With Problem Solving?



What to Expect from What’s the Problem With Problem Solving?

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Albert Einstein has been credited with saying, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days defining it.” Much has changed in the last 50+ years and now when time is money, few professionals have the luxury of taking 20 days to problem solve? This fast-paced conversation among the very busy shows that overly long decision times are a thing of the past. Hear from personal experiences and practical case studies how to both quickly diagnose your daily business problems and rank order solutions based on past problems you’ve tackled, trusted team input and your own gut instincts to forge a workable solution to any issue.

  • Emery Wolfe, Technology & Multimedia Specialist, Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association
  • Giuseppe Marletta, Managing Director, Europe, Association of Corporate Counsel & President at ESAE
  • Maddy Marchildon, Director, Association Management & Consulting Services Redstone Agency Inc.
  • RICK WHELAN, CDM, President, Marketing General Incorporated (MGI)

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