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What to Expect from Design & Deliver Your Association's Professional Development Plan

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Design & Deliver Your Association's Professional Development Plan

Associations have plenty of priorities – empowering their members, growing their audience and generating revenue. However, these goals can become a challenge without the right staff. While there’s always an opportunity to hire talented professionals, more often than not, they’re already in your organization. But how do you find and empower them? Professional development. Many organizations have traditionally looked at professional development as a once-a-year lecture or a one-off webinar. Yet as the pandemic showed, this can often showcase the shortcomings in organizational skill sets.  

Build Your Association’s Program

So how do you design and deliver a professional development plan that actually has an impact on your staff? In this eBook, we explore:
  • Why professional development should be a priority for your organization.
  • How to make a case for professional development to your board of directors and staff.
  • Ways to assess the needs of your association.
  • How to effectively plan and deliver this new program.
  • Tips for finding the perfect professional development program for your association.
Whether your organization is looking to empower its leaders, grow its reach or ensure it's prepared for the next major disruption, professional development is the answer, and this eBook will help you build the ideal program.  

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