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What to Expect from The Case for Blockchain Application in Association Credentialing


The Case for Blockchain Application in Association Credentialing

What could blockchain mean for the future of associations? If you're asking that question, this is the resource for you. This eBook will detail how blockchain will influence the future of associations including specific use cases for association credentialing. This eBook will explore:
  • What blockchain is
  • What to consider when designing association focused blockchain applications
  • How associations might approach future blockchain integrations
This eBook, produced in partnership with Sidecar, Blue Sky eLearn and Cimatri, is the result of interviews with association industry executives and vendors, technology expert insights and research into the rapidly evolving world of blockchain. We believe this technology, which is just one part of the next generation of the Internet known as Web3.0, is poised to become a game-changer for credentialing for associations.

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