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Introducing SURGE Smackdown

image Jose Triana image imageApril 05, 2022 image image3 min. to read
Introducing SURGE Smackdown

The association industry is filled with divisive topics, and now is the chance to battle it out on stage at SURGE Explore! Gone are the days of tame discussions and boring zoom calls – this exciting debate will pit our attendees against one another as they “duke it out” over some of the hottest topics in the association space. 

The Rules

You know your stuff. Now’s your chance to show it. 

At the start of each battle, our emcee will introduce our “fighters,” along with the topic. Each fighter will be given a minute for opening arguments, 30 seconds to answer a question from our emcee and another 30 seconds for closing arguments. 

The objective?

Make your best case, tackle questions and earn votes from your fellow attendees. The winners will be announced on the spot – earning you bragging rights and a donation to a nonprofit of your choice.  

The Topics

While you don’t have to be one of our contests, we still want you involved in choosing our topics! 

Our survey is now open and you’ll be able to choose your top three topics from the following:

  • AMS vs. Build-Your-Own Tech Stack
  • Drive Interest Through Discounts vs. Maintain Value and Pricepoints
  • Hybrid Events are the Future vs. Hybrid Events are a Distraction
  • Cancel Membership Online vs. Cancel Membership By Phone
  • Member Gated Content vs. Free For Everyone
  • Change the Association Model vs. The Model Works
  • In-Person vs. Flexible Work Models 

Cast Your Vote Today!

Have strong opinions about any of our topics?  

Be sure to fill out our Smackdown survey and choose the top three topics you’d like to see covered. SURGE Explore is the only virtual event for association leaders at every level. Join us online everywhere June 7-9 to explore the latest trends, interact with speakers and fellow professionals and grow into a fearless association leader.

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Jose Triana joined the Sidecar team as the Content Manager in 2021. He is a writer and creative focused on helping purpose-driven organizations learn and find value online. When he isn't working on content, you can catch him going for a run or resting with a good book.

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