Mark your calendars for SURGE Forward!

Sidecar Staff
January 19, 2021
Mark your calendars for SURGE Forward!

We spent all of 2020 looking to stay afloat as every industry and organization around the world faced uncertainty and change. Now, it’s time to thrive. 

Join Sidecar for SURGE Forward to connect with membership organization professionals from around the world, learn about cutting-edge ideas and technologies to help your organization grow and get inspired to lead your team with purpose.

SURGE was first developed to help create connections between membership professionals and draw on their collective expertise, and that’s a purpose SURGE continues to fill today. As Sidecar’s first major event, SURGE offers a unique three-day virtual conference all about problem-solving, innovating and leading creatively.

RSVP now to get early access for SURGE Forward, where we will talk about the technologies, ideas and opportunities that will change membership forever. During SURGE Forward, we’ll fearlessly confront the things that’ll disrupt the future of membership, and we’ll roll up our sleeves to brainstorm how every organization and leader can get ahead of trends and lead through whatever comes next.

Click here to get up-to-the-minute info on registration, speakers, discounts and more!

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Sidecar Staff

At Sidecar, we create the professional development tools a leader needs to grow their career and their purpose-driven membership organization, like associations and nonprofits. The skills you’ll learn within our growing community, interactive workshops and from our step-by-step courses will drive innovation, empower strategic thinking and institute cultural changes wherever your career takes you.

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