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Sidecar partnership kit

Hey partner — We think you’re the bee’s knees, so we made this branding kit to make your life a little easier. Feel free to use the photos and language here anytime you refer to your partnership with us.

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The short story

Sidecar offers professional development content for association staffers to grow their career and their organizations.

The long story

Sidecar informs association staff about new industry trends while teaching them the skills they need to grow their organizations. Sidecar content includes blogs, webinars, live and virtual conferences, step-by-step courses, eBooks, toolkits, videos, and a community where our audience can consistently learn from each other to have greater impact for good.


Sidecar’s annual flagship virtual event, SURGE is a three-day conference with a purpose: By bringing together a global community of association, outside perspectives and unique engagement opportunities, we impact dozens of industries and hundreds of organizations while learning and growing together.

Since debuting in 2017, SURGE has hosted thousands of association staffers, offered more than 65 hours of innovative content, created new connections for current and future leaders — and sparked an untold number of ideas that have changed associations for the better.

About digitalNow

If you're ready to tackle today’s most critical industry issues with action-based strategies, transformative technologies and an innovative community, then you need to be at digitalNow. A three-day, live conference built for an associations top leaders, digitalNow's intimate setting offers one-on-one connections with world-class keynote speakers, a safe space to workshop bold new ideas and unparalleled engagement with the industry's most game-changing community.

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Contact info

6221 S. Claiborne Ave.
Suite 587
New Orleans, LA 70125


Sidecar Black: HEX 35353D or R53 G53 B61 or C74 M65 Y51 K58
Sidecar Green: HEX 99B3AC or R153 G179 B172 or C45 M19 Y33 K3
Sidecar Peach: HEX F7C4A5 or R247 G196 B165 or C2 M29 Y36 K0
Sidecar Yellow: HEX F0D795 or R240 G215 B149 or C8 M15 Y49 K0


The following logos are available for download.


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SURGE Explore

SURGE Explore logoSURGE Explore logo
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