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What is Sidecar?

Sidecar is a learning hub for associations. We operate as an extension of your own organization's professional development to support individual and organizational growth for every staff member.
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What Sidecar Offers

Sidecar Academy

A growing library of step-by-step online courses

Sidecar Video

100+ hours of world-class interviews, webinars, conference presentations and more

Sidecar Resources

Instant access to eBooks, tip sheets, guides & more

Sidecar Community

A growing forum of association professionals

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A Closer Look at Sidecar's

Members-Only Content

Sidecar Resources

Sidecar Resources include tip guides, eBooks, white papers and other downloads for quick access to the tools association staffers need.

Sidecar Video

Explore Sidecar’s deep video archive of 100+ recordings of interviews, webinars, panel discussions, how-to explainers and event footage from SURGE and digitalNow. Some examples include:

Sidecar Academy

Ready to dive into step-by-step courses to try a new skill or learn about a new technology or idea? That’s where Sidecar Academy comes in. With each course built exclusively for an association audience and finely-tuned for adult learners, you can learn something new with just a few minutes every day — or dive in head-first and start earning completions. Our growing library of 30+ courses includes:

Sidecar Community

Connect with Sidecar’s global audience of association professionals. Regardless of where they land on the org chart or where they call home, we think it’s vital to connect associations around the world so we can learn — and grow — from each other’s experience. With Sidecar membership, you’ll unlock access to our private forum space where new conversations can start every day.

What Our Members
Say About Us

Andria Marcus

California Independent
Schools Business Officers Association

Timely and well-delivered content. Highly recommend!

Peggy’s McElgunn

Global Professional
Services PC

The information shared combined with the tone of delivery makes for engaging, interesting, timely and relevant content. The best anywhere for anyone in the nonprofit world! Well done!

Dawn Herman

Dermatologic Surgery

Sidecar is always a trusted source of information for those in the association world and they do an excellent job of providing content that is relevant and useful.

Some of Sidecar's Current 

Team Members


People often ask

Why should my whole team have access to the Sidecar platform?

Consuming content on your own is great! But here’s the thing. Bringing your whole organization with you compounds the value of your learning. When everyone on your team has access to the same professional development content, you grow together.

Here’s what happens:

  • You get buy-in from leaders at every level. And really, what’s more important than buy-in when it comes to tackling audacious projects or working through complex problems?
  • You excite and engage your team by giving them a sense of ownership in the organization’s path forward.
  • You increase your organization’s agility by arming your team with knowledge about what’s coming next.

If you don’t invest in learning, you won’t know what’s possible. And if you expect your team to look imaginatively toward the future - to problem solve - to take risks, they need to be included in this learning, too.

How many people can access the platform on a team subscription?

Sidecar Team subscriptions are for everyone in your association. That means your staff, volunteers, committee leaders, your board of directors, and even your summer intern.

How much does the team subscription cost?

The cost of Sidecar Teams is based on your organization’s revenue. This allows us to provide a gold-standard experience across the board, meeting you exactly where you are so you can get where you want to go. Does your organization look a little different? Contact us at and we’ll walk you through the options.
Exclusive Sidecar Teams pricing

Our team is so busy, do we really have time for professional development?

Here’s the thing. You really cannot afford to forgo investing in professional development. The buy-in, engagement, and agility gained by empowering your team through learning is key to sustaining growth and innovation within your organization.

And because we know you’re busy, we’ve made it easy to squeeze professional development into your schedule. Sidecar offers courses and micro-learning opportunities that were designed to be video-centric, mobile friendly, and digested in bits and pieces.

+ Learn More About the Cost of Ignoring Professional Development

Why wouldn’t I just consume your free content?

Our blogs, resources, and live conferences are great, but they are the tip of a very large learning iceberg.

A Sidecar Teams membership gives your organization exclusive access to e-courses, unlimited access to replays of our webinars and event keynotes, full eBooks, and membership to a community of engaged association professionals on a common path of professional development.

Our free content provides valuable insights and guides thought leadership. A Sidecar Teams subscription provides you with strategies and resources for implementation. It is professional development with a clear direction and specific learning tracks based on individual roles, responsibilities, and functions within your association.

What other associations are using this team subscription?

Joining Sidecar means joining a group of truly awesome peer organizations. They, like you, are cultivating growth and leadership at every level. Here are just a few: PCAAE, WASBO, Informs, and CSI.

Once we’re in, where do we start?

We would never leave you hanging! Our platform is built to enable learning from day one. Following your organization’s onboarding, our member success team will provide everyone in your organization with resources that guide them through how, where, and why to access each resource. Sidecar’s designated learning tracks give your team immediate direction, and the ability for you to assign courses (coming this summer) ensures that your team will always have direction, next steps, and a clear plan for how to utilize Sidecar content.

What is the onboarding process like?

In a word, simple. We want to make this whole process as easy as possible. Once you’ve taken a look at our platform, we’ll sign a standard agreement giving your team access to our platform upon receiving first year's payment. From there, we'll send login/sign up emails, and pick a time to do a live (recorded) onboarding session with Ashely Neal, our Member Success Specialist. She'd handle all questions, provide learning track suggestions, and share ideas and best practices.

Can I get CAE CE for your platform?

It depends. Our conferences, SURGE and digitalNow (links), qualify for CAE CE. Our platform, specifically our e-courses, are on a case by case basis. Our program issues time stamped, course completion certificates that you can take to your HR or operations teams for submission to ASAE requesting continuing education hours. At the moment the E-courses are not pre-approved for CAE CE so we cannot guarantee each course will count towards your CE hours.
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