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June 6

June 7

Day 1:  June 6

9 am – 10 am (CT)

1 CAE Credit

Keynote | Unlocking the Power of AI for Association

Session Description TBA

ZJ Hadley

Executive Coach and HR Advisor

10:15 am – 11:15 am (CT)

1 CAE Credit

Leapfrogging into the Future: Developing the Member Benefits of Tomorrow

With the rapid changes brought by emerging technologies, associations are searching for meaningful answers to member needs. Thanks to cognitive science, AI, and the Metaverse, associations have the freedom to simulate and experiment in a safe environment to identify optimal programs to meet their communities’ future needs, enabling them to retain more members and attract new ones. This session will share how this approach works and the success stories of associations already using it.

Sandra Lee

Business Development Manager


11:30 am – 12 pm (CT)

Half-hour CAE Credit

What the Future of Collaboration Looks Like


Tracy Petrillo

Chief Learning Officer


Host: Jennifer Neydon

Educational Content Producer


12:15 pm – 1:15 pm (CT)

1 CAE Credit

The Think Tank: An Interactive Problem Solving Session

Crowdsource answers to your biggest dilemmas from SURGE's audience of incredible association pros! Submit your question anonymously ahead of time or drop it in the chat and we'll select a lucky few to be presented in this interactive session. Attendees can answer in the chat or raise their hand to be brought on stage!

Amy Lestition Burke

Vice President, Industry Solution

Consumer Brands Association

Barry Moline

Executive Director

California Municipal Utilities Association

Sarah White

Senior VP of Financial Operations

Affinity Strategies

Elizabeth Schumacher

Co-Founder and CEO

Affinity Strategies

Louise Gorringe

Director of Association Management Operations

Kenes Group

Day 2:  June 7

9 am – 10 am (CT)

1 CAE Credit

Your Brain Is Not Your Friend: Counteract Cognitive Biases for Better Decision Making

"Our brains are confronted with a huge amount of information at every waking moment, and relegate the vast majority of our decisions to our unconscious. We simply don’t have the processing power to make every decision — where to step, when to blink, whether we might be in danger — consciously. This method works well and keeps our brains from exploding.

However, our brains take a lot of shortcuts intheir efforts to be efficient and not explode. Shortcuts like favouring the familiar, reconstructing memories, and projecting our lived experiences onto everyone else. These kinds of shortcuts often lead to discrimination, conflict, and poor decision making. The good news is, you can interrupt your biases and get your well intending but deeply flawed brain under control.

Join ZJ Hadley - coach, trainer, and HR advisor - to learn how your brain tries to sabotage you and how you can counteract those cognitive biases to leverage its full potential."

ZJ Hadley

Executive Coach and HR Advisor

10:15 am – 11:15 am (CT)

1 CAE Credit

Going "Glocal": What it Means to be Culturally Savvy in a Changing World

"Diversity without inclusion is a missed opportunity. How might we approach DEI using a truly global and inclusive lens? For years, organizations have worked to transform business and membership models to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic and complex society. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this process.

Within this new reality, the ability to understand cultural differences, the role of local context, and their implications on your DEI initiatives is essential. Panelists will share their experiences and discuss how to work in this new environment, connect and engage global audiences and how to position your organization to be culturally aware as you build a global DEI strategy. Participants will leave with best practices for developing a DEI strategic framework through a “glocal” mindset."

Danielle Duran Baron

Senior Lecturer

Yale School of Management

11 am – 12 pm (CT)

1 CAE Credit

Building the Association of the Future: Innovation in Action

In the recent Blue Cypress Idea-thon, association pros brainstormed the biggest challenges associations face today and then teamed up to create pitches for AI-fueled solutions to those challenges. Join the panel of Idea-thon judges as they announce the winning pitches and discuss the lessons learned about innovation, AI, and the future of associations.

12:15 pm – 1:15 pm (CT)

1 CAE Credit

SURGE Smackdown

"Gone are the days of tame discussions and boring zoom calls – SURGE Smackdown is a series of rapid fire debates where association pros “duke it out” over some of the most divisive topics in the industry.

The objective?

Make the best case, tackle questions and earn votes from attendees. The winners will be announced on the spot – earning them bragging rights and a donation to a nonprofit of their choice."

Danielle Duran Baron

Vice President, Marketing Communications

School Nutrition Association

Tamela Blalock

Vice President of Cooperative Relations

National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International

Juan Amador

Director, Constituent Engagement

Association of American Medical Colleges

12:15 pm – 1:15 am

25-minute break

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