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Zoom Updates and How Associations Can Leverage Them

image Ashley Neal image imageOctober 29, 2021 image image3 min. to read
Zoom Updates and How Associations Can Leverage Them

As one of the main resources for associations and non-profit organizations working virtually, Zoom has ingrained itself into the day-to-day operations of almost every business or individual around the world. Their mission is to make video communications frictionless and secure, and they strive to accomplish this by continually updating and innovating their products and services.

Zoom recently released a new list of platform updates that associations and other non-profit organizations can utilize to further their day-to-day operations. Here are the three updates associations should utilize for their operations:

Automated Transcription

Taking your big project international? No problem! Topping off the list is Zoom’s update to their automated transcription services. Not only will recordings now be available in thirty languages, but twelve of them can also be translated live.

Whether it be planning meetings with international partners or colleagues who prefer using another language, having Zoom’s automated transcription service makes dictation and distribution of important meetings easier and more accessible than ever.


Associations had to restructure decades of precedent and move their annual conferences and meetings onto virtual platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming several setbacks but ultimately allowing the industry to be heavily run via virtual events. Zoom is looking to make the virtual event production process even easier with Zoom Conference, a new event type for the platform.

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With the new addition comes the ability to “host up to 13 concurrent sessions at once,” “host an event over five days,” “stream sessions to the conference lobby,” “showcase sponsors in dedicated ways,” “provide networking via individual session chat” and “offer an itinerary builder for attendees.”

Associations can utilize Zoom Conference’s analytics, recordings, surveys and more to produce a conference that engages audiences and exceeds expectations.

Verified Identity

As part of their promised security updates, Zoom is preparing to release an identity verification program for organizations to feel more confident in the security of their sensitive information. Following the multitude of cyber security attacks happening on other large companies like Facebook, taking these actions to secure potentially confidential meetings is a great asset for non-profits and other organizations.

Associations discussing sensitive information during virtual board meetings can rest easy knowing that this new program will record and check a combination of credentials, devices, codes, security questions and other information to confirm the identity of users who join a meeting, placing a checkmark next to all verified users.

While Zoom shared many more updates and platform enhancements during their recent conference, automated transcription, conferencing and verification of identity are the three most useful and applicable items on the list. Associations looking to continue to grow and innovate as a semblance of normalcy returns to day-to-day operations need to be cognizant of the resources coming available to them via companies like Zoom.

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