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image Sidecar Staff image imageJanuary 12, 2021 image image3 min. to read
Share is now Sidecar: See our new name and look!

Something exciting happened at

We are thrilled to unveil our new name, new look, and new website today!

Over the years, the association industry has evolved, and we have, too. One of our core values is to keep moving forward. We believe in practicing what we preach and realized it was time for our brand to move forward, as well. Complacency is not who we are and no longer felt like us

We encourage our leaders to be bold, so it’s up to us to set an example. 

What’s in a name? is a mouthful! It’s hard to say, hard to remember and hard to type into a Google search. Plus, as our industry and company evolve in tandem, we felt this name didn’t accurately portray what we do. We wanted a name that better represents our role in our members’ lives. 

We’re not just here for associations’ success. We’re here to help purpose-driven member organization leaders of all types make positive and lasting impacts. 

This is where Sidecar comes in. 

Meet Sidecar

Sidecar isn’t a rigid or exclusive community strictly for associations, because neither is membership. The idea of connecting with your audience to pursue a common purpose through membership has evolved, and it was time for us to evolve, too. 

Sidecar is your friend riding shotgun, helping you navigate the bumpy road of an uncertain future. If you want to go, go. But if you want to go far, go with Sidecar. 

Watch the video below to learn more about Sidecar. 

Who Sidecar serves

Sidecar is here to build the tools and connections purpose-driven leaders need to grow their membership organizations. You don’t have to be in the C-suite to be a leader. At Sidecar, we believe leadership comes from a desire to create change.

Our values

At Sidecar, we are firm fighters in the battle against complacency. We bring a fresh perspective to an established industry to empower badass leaders to try and fail, rather than never try at all. Our core values guide us to:

  • Keep moving forward.
  • Seek diverse opinions. 
  • Push limits with understanding. 
  • Ask why. 
  • Communicate fearlessly.

We believed continuing to serve our audience as starkly contrasted with our core values. Sidecar embodies who we are, visually and inherently. 

What’s changing and what’s not

Members only stand to gain, not lose, from our rebrand. We’ve updated our look, but everything inside your member account remains largely the same. 

What’s different:

What’s not:

  • Our treasure trove of resources, content, courses and workshops
  • Pricing for current members
  • Login credentials
  • SURGE, our three-day virtual conference

You can continue finding our always-fresh blog content in the top menu, as well as the login to your membership portal.

Stay tuned for exciting new happenings from Sidecar!

Here’s what you can expect from us in the coming days: 

  • More answers to FAQs about our rebrand
  • An amazing virtual workshop with Alexandra Watkins, author of “Hello, My Name is Awesome.” (We embraced her brilliant methodology when executing our rebrand and can attest to its awesomeness.) RSVP now!
  • A flash virtual networking event with Julie Kantor — we could all benefit from expanding our networks! RSVP now!
  • New courses landing in Sidecar Academy for members
  • Plus more exciting workshops and content to come! 

Keep up with our blog and social media accounts for more details on Sidecar. And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to access exclusive content! 

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