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If you’re not using video as part of your association’s communications and marketing strategy in 2023 – you may be missing out. Not only does video help combat dwindling attention spans, but also it works as a versatile tool to help strengthen relationships with members, promote your mission and increase engagement. 

In this blog, we’ll break down some key ways associations and nonprofits can use video as part of their communications strategy, along with examples to help inspire your next video project. 

1. Showcasing the organization's work

High-quality video has become an essential part of showcasing the work of any association. It can be used to create a strong and powerful narrative that is more engaging and impactful than plain text or photos. A video adds personality and emotion to your organization’s mental image when done right. 

This is achieved through capturing stories and interviews with members, volunteers, project beneficiaries and other stakeholders. Ultimately, this serves as an effective tool for spreading awareness and inviting action.

Here’s an example of an association using video to showcase the organization's work

Women of our Alliance | A Short Film by the Rainforest Alliance

2. Onboarding new members and staff

Whether you’re introducing newcomers to the company’s mission or policies, providing orientation instructions on software or equipment or giving a personal welcome from all of the team members, using video for onboarding is a smart way to improve communication within the organization.


How to Present on Video Like a Leader

Presenting on video requires confidence, presence, and influence. But how do you build those skills?

Video gives members and staff easy access to visual information that can often be hard to explain through writing alone, making it accessible to any level of understanding. It’s also a cost-effective and efficient way to engage with remote workers, regardless of their geographical location.

Here’s an example of an association using video for onboarding:

CSEA New Member Orientation Video

3. Member engagement and retention 

Keeping members on board means showing them the value of their membership. And while you can do that with email, video offers a unique alternative. It can help members understand the value of their membership, show them the breadth of activities and networks available, introduce them to association leaders or influencers or highlight various events or initiatives that they can be part of. 

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Plus, videos are easy to share with other potential members – offering greater reach and increasing awareness of your association's mission. As technology continues to evolve, particularly artificial intelligence, new tools come out every day to make videos more accessible than ever to create with minimal effort – making it an invaluable resource for your communication efforts.

Here’s an example of an association using video for member engagement

Know These Things BEFORE Joining AARP!

4. Fundraising

Video is an effective fundraising tool because it engages current and potential donors and shows them your work. With video, you can capture the emotion behind your cause and illustrate how the work you do helps others. Associations can also use videos to explain why people should donate, highlight ways to get involved and show the accomplishments of recent projects that have been funded. 

Here’s an example of an association using video for fundraising


5. Events

Whether you’re hosting a virtual conference or an in-person gathering, using video will help amplify your message and create an impact long after the event. Video also adds a sense of professionalism and efficiency to any type of gathering. Additionally, If your audience is located in different parts of the world, you can increase the reach of your event through live streaming, allowing more people to access your content instantly.

Here’s an example of an association using video for events

The 6th Annual Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards Nominations | The 2023 HCA Film Awards

6. Advocacy

Suppose your association wants to bring attention to important causes, educate people on the potential implications of new policies, or inspire people to take action. In that case, video is a great place to start. Using video provides viewers with an immersive experience that can motivate them to put in the work needed for advocacy. 

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Here’s an example of an association using video for advocacy

The Climate Reality Leadership Corps - Power Up: Acts to Action

7. Education

Video is one of the best tools for explaining complex topics simply and entertainingly. Associations can use video to create training programs, tutorials to learn new skills and provide expert insights on various topics. Additionally, presenting educational material through video can provide an alternative learning method for different types of people, allowing for better accessibility for those with physical or sensory disabilities. 

Here’s an example of an association using video for education

An Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion DCHS

Leveraging Video in Your Association

As associations and nonprofits consider the best ways to reach their members, donors and stakeholders in 2023, video should be at the top of their list of tools to leverage. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need fancy equipment – just some creativity, originality and an authentic approach. 

With these things in hand, you can create a powerful video that will help demonstrate the organization's work through success stories, showcase the tangible impact of donations, educate others about the mission, share behind-the-scenes footage, connect with members virtually and so much more.

Tamer Ezzat
Post by Tamer Ezzat
February 28, 2023
Tamer Ezzat is a curious filmmaker with a unique visual style. He studied digital special effects at NYU and has been working in media for over 20 years. When he’s not editing, he enjoys biking and laying on the sandy beaches of Long Island, where he lives with his wife and daughter.