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How do you think your team’s productivity and performance would change if every employee took an active role in their professional development?

It’s pretty exciting to imagine the possibilities. 

What if your entire team had access to a group of experts who have been in their shoes? What if they had courses that walk them through implementing new tactics, step by step? What if they received new, relevant ideas every week? 

Professional development is what your employees want. In fact, 94% of employees said they’d stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workforce Learning Report

Sidecar was built to empower purpose-driven organizations to grow and succeed. One way we do this is by empowering the leaders of these organizations through professional development, educational resources and more. But change takes more than just one person. What if instead of one fearless leader, your team was stacked with an entire crew of motivated, badass champions of your organization? 

That’s what a Sidecar team membership can do. 

At Sidecar, we believe that if you want to go far, it’s best to go together. Take your entire team along for the ride in acquiring new skills, connecting with other experienced industry pros and leveling up your association. 

Benefits of Sidecar team membership

As a team, you can tackle problems together. But as a Sidecar team member, you can solve problems together with your team, our community, and with the wealth of our knowledge resources. 

Sidecar is a valuable source of information, education and community for your entire team to achieve peak performance. From marketing to events to development, all of your association’s departments can grow with access to the right resources. Sidecar aligns, educates and empowers every member of your staff. 

These benefits trickle down to your members’ experience, as well. When the organization leaders and team members are fulfilled and knowledgeable, your members are better served. After all, growth within your team translates to growth within your organization. 

What does membership include?

Your team membership to Sidecar includes: 

  • Access to Sidecar Academy, our online learning center full of step-by-step courses on a variety of subjects designed to aid career and organizational growth. Our courses include online workbooks to save your work and interactive quizzes to test understanding.
  • Invitation for every staffer to join our exclusive online community where fellow members connect and problem solve together. 
  • Our on-demand video archive of panel discussions and webinars with industry thought leaders.
  • Access to our Learning Library, which contains all of our downloadable guides, worksheets, eBooks and other materials. 

With a team membership for at least five staffers, you can add and remove members from your license whenever you want. Your Sidecar team license enables you to track course progress for each team member, or assign Team Leaders to monitor their department’s progress.

Plus, a team membership is more cost-effective than purchasing individual licenses. 

What Sidecar can do for your organization

Sidecar helps association teams: 

  1. Increase membership.
  2. Increase revenue.
  3. Provide members with more value.
  4. Grow professionally.
  5. Develop new strategies. 
  6. Redefine culture. 
  7. Increase diversity and inclusion. 
  8. Host better events. 

We add more courses and blogs all the time, and we’re always hosting new thought-provoking virtual workshops and panels with experts, which get added to our video archive. Visit our blog for our latest posts and your newest sources of inspiration. 

Sign up your team for Sidecar

Provide your entire team with the resources they need to succeed when you sign up for a team Sidecar membership

If you’re interested in getting started with a Sidecar team membership, contact us today!

Sidecar Staff
Post by Sidecar Staff
January 19, 2021
At Sidecar, we create the professional development tools a leader needs to grow their career and their purpose-driven membership organization, like associations and nonprofits. The skills you’ll learn within our growing community, interactive workshops and from our step-by-step courses will drive innovation, empower strategic thinking and institute cultural changes wherever your career takes you.