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How to involve your staff in picking collaboration software

Many people are working from home these days, and with that came substantial changes. One being: Communicating from afar with colleagues you formerly saw in person. For many, there’s currently no water-cooler talk or meeting room chatter. Or, if there is, it looks a lot different than it did in 2019, as you may be […]

After a year of virtual events, here’s what this marketing expert learned

The lingering presence of COVID-19 has made some folks hesitant to travel beyond their home office. For associations, creating a memorable virtual event is a priority. That can be accomplished by embracing change and flexible thinking, said acclaimed sales and marketing strategist David Meerman Scott.   In a recent conversation, Scott, co-author of “Standout Virtual Events: […]

How associations can prepare for the social issues of the future

One of the hardest parts of the past year has been the impact on social issues world-wide. As organizations who already focus on culture and responsibility, associations are uniquely positioned to take the reins and guide their industries through these issues and help deal with the lasting impacts. This chapter of “Who Stole My Playbook: […]

Everything you should know about virtual event production

It's from hard-earned lessons that we’ve learned a thing or two about how to produce virtual events, whether it’s a webinar or a multi-day conference. Here's the ultimate guide to virtual event production to help you create flawless virtual events of your own.

Here’s how blockchain could change association certifications forever

Blockchain is an incredibly powerful and soon-to-be disruptive technological force with potential applications in every economic sector. As with any emerging technology, association professionals need to learn what blockchain is, how it can be applied and develop a plan to take advantage of it.

How to write an RFP that gets results

Do you have a big project coming up that you need to outsource? Read this guide for everything you need to know about writing an RFP that gets results.

7 ways to keep your brand voice consistent

Crafting and sticking to a brand voice across platforms takes work. But with some practice, and a few helpful exercises, you and your team will be talking in unison across all platforms—and seeing the benefits of a consistent and powerful brand voice.

What all event professionals should know about requiring vaccine proof

We’re living in a pandemic world, and with that comes new questions: How can we safely continue life as it was in the “before times?” What is a vaccine passport? Will I need one? 

Should you hire an association management company?

Association management companies provide critical support for many associations. But they’re not the right choice for everyone. Find out the pros and cons here.

Why a private Slack channel for Black staffers works for this organization

As the world reckons with the results of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minnesota, many organizational leaders continue to look for ways to support their employees and members through stressful times. One organizational leader who has excelled at this very thing is Shameka Jennings, the director of meeting and partners at the National Coalition of STD Directors. 

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