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Whether you want to learn how to create engaging and educational content or just have a platform to show the personality behind your team, TikTok is the place for you. What was originally a platform for individuals to post dance videos and lip syncing has now turned into a mainstream media source. Many organizations have turned to TikTok to spread their message and increase engagement and support. 

To stay top of mind is to stay on top of trends, and right now, TikTok is the place to be. For organizations, that means committing to publishing behind-the scenes or educational content while staying approachable, funny and utilizing proper tagging. For example, many organizations have been sharing their content with the hashtag “#LearnOnTikTok.”

Whether it’s your first time creating a TikTok or time for a strategy change, taking a look at what other organizations are doing is the best way to learn. To help you out, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite and most popular organizations who are successfully rocking TikTok:

The Washington Post

When I think of organizations rocking TikTok, The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) is always the first to pop into my mind. As one of the earliest organizations to adopt the app, WaPo has had the unique opportunity to pave the way for countless other organizations, including membership and non-profits, to be successful. In fact, their TikTok strategy is one of the best I’ve seen.

With over 34 million likes on their content, WaPo’s account has far surpassed the majority of others. WaPo video producer Dave Jorgenson spends countless hours recording, editing and publishing humor-filled videos that connect with their audience. Jorgenson’s carefree and sarcastic persona behind the screen allows audiences to see the organization’s authentic self — and it’s paid off.

Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary

501(c)3 nonprofit, Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary (@wildcarridgesanctuary) has also dominated TikTok with its behind-the-scenes clips from the wildcat rescue. From explaining its no-contact policy to taking follower requests for wildcat enrichment, Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary has strategically and successfully gained over 3.9 million followers and earned over 75 million likes.

A little less humorous, but still full of fun, this organization’s TikTok has much you can learn from. Instead of relying on the sarcasm and wit of its content producer like WaPo, Wildcat Ridge Sanctuary focuses its videos on the cats themselves. Emphasizing the improvements in these cats' lives is a great strategy for TikTok success as supporters want to see what difference their donations can make firsthand.

Institute of Human Anatomy

Unlike the last two organizations, the Institute of Human Anatomy (@instituteofhumananatomy) does not rely on humor to spread its message. Instead, its entire TikTok strategy is about sharing educational and hands-on content. Clicking on this account will bring you to numerous cadavers and human replicas that help students learn about different procedures, illnesses and techniques.

Even without a humorous tone throughout their videos, IOHA has earned a following of over 6.5 million people and 65.3 million likes. Expanding on interesting medical topics and having unique visuals is enough to draw a large and engaged audience. 

Keeping tabs on other organizations’ successful social media accounts will help you learn how to apply a decent strategy for your own. Each of the three organizations listed here have been wildly successful using various techniques, proving that as long as you stay true to your organization’s personality, you can succeed.

Ashley Neal
Post by Ashley Neal
March 3, 2021
Ashley is a marketing and communications professional with expertise in sales conversion, copywriting, and social media.