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Intro to AI Webinar

There’s no doubt: Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an indispensable tool for organizations across various sectors, including associations. From streamlining administrative tasks to enhancing member engagement, AI offers a myriad of benefits. Generative AI, in particular, has emerged as a powerful subset of AI that enables machines to create content, designs, and even music autonomously. For association staffers looking to harness the potential of generative AI, here are the top five courses that provide comprehensive insights and practical skills. 

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1. Generative Deep Learning with TensorFlow (Coursera)

Price: Free

This course offers a deep dive into generative models using TensorFlow, one of the most popular frameworks for building AI applications. From autoencoders to variational autoencoders and generative adversarial networks, you'll learn how to implement various generative models and apply them to real-world scenarios. The four modules in this course include:

  • Transfer Learning: You’ll learn about neural style transfer using transfer learning.
  • Autoencoders: You’ll build simple AutoEncoders on the familiar MNIST dataset and more complex deep and convolutional architectures on the Fashion MNIST dataset.
  • Variational Autoencoders: You’ll explore variational autoencoders to generate entirely new data, and generate anime faces to compare them against reference images.
  • Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs): You’ll learn about GANs, their invention, properties, architecture, and how they vary from VAEs. 

2. AI Learning Hub (Sidecar)

Price: $399/year for an individual subscription, team pricing also available 

Tailored specifically for association and nonprofit professionals, this course blends self-paced learning with live expert interaction. Understanding their busy schedules, it offers continuously updated content that can be viewed anytime. Additionally, it includes a community of peers to keep your AI knowledge fresh, relevant, and applicable. The lessons include:

  • Intro to AI: Ground yourself with the basics of artificial intelligence, understanding its core concepts and terminologies.
  • Prompting AI Models: Learn the art of communicating with AI, mastering how to ask the right questions to get the best results.
  • Marketing + AI: Discover how AI is revolutionizing marketing, from personalized campaigns to data-driven decision making.
  • AI + Strategy: Strategize with AI in mind, leveraging its capabilities to drive your association's objectives forward.
  • Exponential Innovation + AI: Explore how AI contributes to rapid innovation, transforming industries and society at large. 

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3. Natural Language Processing (Udacity)

Price: $249/month, $846/four months

Natural language generation is a key application of generative AI, especially for associations involved in content creation and communication. This course is ideal for individuals interested in understanding how machines can interpret and generate human language, a critical component in many AI applications, including chatbots, sentiment analysis, and language translation. The key components of this course include:

  • Welcome to Natural Language Processing: The course begins with an introduction to the basic concepts and techniques in natural language processing, including tokenization, normalization, and text cleaning.
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP): In this section, you’ll learn about the fundamentals of NLP and then build a part of a speech trigger.
  • Computing With Natural Language: This section dives into advanced techniques like word embeddings, deep learning attention, and more. In it, you’ll also build a machine translation model using recurrent neural network architectures.
  • Communicating with Natural Language: This section shares an overview of user interface techniques that turn speech into text and vice versa. It will also guide you in building a speech recognition model using deep neural networks.

4. Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python (Udemy)

Price: $69.99

Reinforcement learning is a powerful paradigm for training AI agents to perform tasks through trial and error. In this course, you'll will learn about key AI technologies like ChatGPT. You’ll also delve into reinforcement learning algorithms and learn to apply them in generative contexts such as game playing and robotic control. This course includes 14 sections and 112 lectures, some of which include: 

  • High-Level Overview of Reinforcement Learning: You’ll explore what reinforcement learning is and how it’s applied.
  • Dynamic Programming: You’ll learn about iterative policy evaluation, how to design your RL program, and more.
  • Approximation Methods: You’ll dive into linear models for reinforcement learning, approximation methods for prediction, and more. 

5. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (LinkedIn Learning) 

Price: Free

Designed for project managers, directors, executives, students, and more, this course provides an overview of AI. It also dives into the algorithms and techniques involved in machine learning, artificial neural networks, and deep learning. Lessons within this course include: 

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? This lesson defines general intelligence and explains strong vs. Weak AI.
  • The Rise of Machine Learning: This lesson covers machien learning and artifical neural networks.
  • Common AI Systems: This lesson explains how to search fo rpatterns in data, natural language processing, the internet of things, and more.
  • Learn from Data: This lesson covers datasets and how to interpret data.
  • Identify Patterns: This lesson describes how to classify data and use reinforcement learning.
  • Machine Learning Algorithms: This lesson dives into common algorithms.
  • Fit the Algorithm: This lesson explains how to select the best algorithm and follow the data.
  • Artificial Neural Networks: This lesson describes how to build a neural network, weigh connections, and identify bias.
  • Improve Accuracy: This lesson shares how to learn from your mistakes to improve AI accuracy.
  • Where to Go from Here: This lesson explains how to use AI systems and how to apply AI to solve problems.

Level Up Your AI Skills With Sidecar’s AI Learning Hub

Generative AI offers immense potential for associations to enhance productivity, creativity, and member engagement. And what better way to advance your skillset than by starting with an AI course designed specifically for association professionals? Click the button below to register for our on-demand AI Learning Hub, and contact us if you have any questions.

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February 21, 2024
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