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You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s what you need to know about our rebrand from to Sidecar. 

Why is rebranding? as a name is long, confusing and doesn't accurately represent our approach to helping leaders succeed and grow. We wanted a name that would be more memorable, as well as one that better defines our approach. We don’t just help associations succeed — we help leaders of all kinds of purpose-driven membership organizations. We guide, provide and are there every step of the way. 

In our conversations with members and readers, we found that some have had the same experience: The word “association” just doesn’t connect with everyone. Over and over again, we found that people didn’t know what the association industry is or what it does. 

Our new name, Sidecar, reflects our relationship to purpose-driven membership organization leaders. We’re riding along next to them the entire way. 

What does the name Sidecar mean?

Sidecar represents your friend riding shotgun, helping you navigate the bumpy road of an uncertain future. This is the role we play for our members and their organizations. We create the tools and make the connections you need to take your organization to the next level. You’re in the driver’s seat, but we’re with you every step of the way with the roadmap in hand. 

What does your rebrand involve?

Our rebrand included a new website, name, logo, color palette and typeface. The rebrand is a visual upgrade that backs our goal to help purpose-driven membership organization leaders succeed.

As always, we remain dedicated to providing world-class content, resources, events and advice for awesome leaders like you. That will never change. 

Do you still help association professionals? 

Absolutely! Just because it’s no longer in our name does not mean we’re turning our back on associations or the amazing people who make them run. By becoming Sidecar, we simply hope to bridge the gap between this industry and other purpose-driven leaders of membership organizations who may not strictly identify as “association professionals,” such as nonprofits supported by membership programs. We’re looking forward to growing our community by creating new connections between leaders bound together by the common interest of better helping their own members. 

When is your next event? 

Don’t worry: Our virtual workshops aren’t going anywhere! In fact, we plan to host even more of them in 2021, offering you tons of great new insights and actionable lessons you can put to work at your member organization immediately. 

Our next event will feature Alexandra Watkins, the author of “Hello, My Name Is Awesome!” Watkins will join us Jan. 25 at 3 p.m. ET for a 75-minute workshop on how to come up with names for products, events, publications and more so you can drive more attendance, more downloads and more engagement for your organization. The first 75 people who register will get a FREE copy of Alexandra’s book — and that’s not all! One lucky winner who attends live and asks the BEST question will win a masterclass on naming with Alexandra. That’s a $1,299 value just for attending our workshop! Register now!

Are you still hosting SURGE? 

SURGE is our amazing, three-day virtual conference that helps association leaders pick up a few CAE credits while driving discussions around the best and most forward-thinking ideas in the industry today — and we’re absolutely going to keep hosting it! In fact, mark your calendars now for SURGE Forward, which will go live June 8, 9 and 10. You can RSVP now to make sure you’re the first to know about any updates. 

What does your membership include?

Sidecar membership grants you access to our online learning center, Sidecar Academy; a community of driven leaders who, like you, are interested in growing themselves and their organizations; online workbooks and resources within our new Learning Library to help you tackle your goals; on-demand videos, including all replays of our virtual workshops, interviews and panel discussions; and so much more! 

It sounds like Sidecar is doing some exciting things. How do I join? 

Joining Sidecar is easy! Click here to get started. 

What if I want my entire team to join Sidecar? 

We love that you see the value in bringing professional development opportunities to your entire team! We know how valuable continued education can be for your organization. Did you know professional development options like Sidecar can even help you keep staffers who might be thinking of moving on to a new job?

Team memberships with Sidecar offer your staffers quick and easy ways to continue learning how to serve your members better, all while you track their course progress, and add or remove staffers whenever you need to. 

Because we offer custom pricing for teams of at least five people to ensure you get the most value for your organization, send us an email now with the number of staffers you’d like to have join your team, and we’ll offer you the best deal possible. Fill out the form here, or email us at to get started

Who should join Sidecar?

Sidecar is open to leaders of all types of purpose-driven membership organizations, like associations or nonprofits that offer a membership program for their supporters. You don’t have to be in the C-suite or director level, either. Sidecar is for anyone ready to advance and further their professional development in the membership and association industry. 

I’m already a member. What does the rebrand mean for me?

You’ll still have access to the same great resources you love and refer to all the time. With our rebrand, you’ll enjoy a more modern, attractive website with a domain name you can remember much more easily! 

One fantastic new addition to your membership is called the Learning Library. In the Learning Library, which you can access from your membership dashboard as soon as you login, you’ll find all of our eBooks, workbooks and downloadable resources in one, easy-to-use place. This means no more paging through courses or searching our blog for the tools you need when you need them!

Will my login details change?

No, you’ll still be able to log into our membership portal with your existing username and password. You can find the “Login” button on our homepage at, or bookmark

Is your pricing changing?

Pricing for current members will not change. Current members will continue to see charges to their accounts as agreed to when they signed up. 

But membership pricing will increase in 2021 — more details on that soon! — so if you’re considering joining Sidecar, now’s the time to get started. You’ll lock in today’s pricing for the lifetime of your membership without facing increased price points down the road.  

Sidecar sounds awesome. How can my organization partner with you? 

Thanks so much for your support! We love working with new brands and vendors to help deliver to associations, nonprofits and other purpose-driven member organizations the very best in new technologies and ideas. Learn more about partnership here, and if you think we’d be a good fit to help drive interest in your brand, email our general manager, Chelsea Brasted, at so we can learn more about each other’s goals and interests.

What happened to my blog post? 

If you’ve contributed to in its early years, you may have noticed your blog post didn’t make it over to Sidecar in the transition. Because of the heavy lift that comes with a rebrand like this, we had to make some tough choices, so some older content didn’t make it onto the new site. If you’re looking for something specific, please feel free to email us at and we’ll look into the archives for you.

Where can I learn more about the new brand?

Read this introduction to our new brand and subscribe to our newsletter for more information. You can always reach out to us directly by filling out the contact form on our website

Tell us what you think!

We want to hear from you! What do you think about our new brand? Do you have more questions? We’ll update this post as more inquiries roll in. We’re here to serve you and your community at every turn.

Sidecar Staff
Post by Sidecar Staff
January 11, 2021
At Sidecar, we create the professional development tools a leader needs to grow their career and their purpose-driven membership organization, like associations and nonprofits. The skills you’ll learn within our growing community, interactive workshops and from our step-by-step courses will drive innovation, empower strategic thinking and institute cultural changes wherever your career takes you.