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Intro to AI Webinar

Let’s be real: More and more organizations are relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiencies, elevate their processes, stay competitive, and drive positive change.

As AI continues to permeate various industries, organizations are increasingly turning to this transformative technology to achieve their goals. But with so many AI technology platforms available, how do you decide which one makes the most sense for your needs? 

To help make your decision easier, we cut through the noise and provide examples of AI programs that can assist associations in accomplishing specific goals. 

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Steps to Take to Choose Your AI Technology

When embarking on the journey to incorporate AI technology into your organization, it's crucial to approach the selection process methodically. Use the steps below to choose your AI technology.

  1. Assess Your Organization's Needs and Goals: Identify areas where AI can bring the most value, such as optimizing operations, enhancing member engagement, or improving decision-making processes.
  2. Conduct Thorough Research: Understand the various AI technologies available and their capabilities. Consider factors such as scalability, ease of implementation, and compatibility with existing systems.
  3. Evaluate Different AI Solutions: Attend demos, request trials, and schedule consultations with vendors to assess the functionality and suitability of each solution.  
  4. Consider Costs and Benefits: Evaluate the costs and benefits of each AI technology option, considering factors like upfront investment, ongoing maintenance, and potential return on investment.
  5. Choose the Best Fit: Select the AI technology that best aligns with your organization's objectives and budget constraints. Ensure that the chosen solution has the potential to address your specific needs and deliver tangible results.

By following these steps, you can make informed decisions and ensure a successful integration of AI technology into your organization. Now, for the fun part: examining different types of AI technology by application.

Key Applications and the AI Technology to Use for Them

AI technology has undoubtedly become a cornerstone for driving innovation and efficiency across various sectors. This transformative technology offers numerous applications tailored to specific organizational needs. We dive into them below.

Personalizing Member Experiences

Personalization is key to enhancing member satisfaction and retention for associations. AI technologies enable organizations to deliver personalized experiences at scale by analyzing user data and dynamically adapting content and recommendations based on individual preferences. Several platforms, such as the ones listed below, use AI algorithms to deliver personalized website experiences, recommend relevant content, and tailor marketing messages in real time based on user interactions. By leveraging AI-driven personalization, associations can strengthen member engagement, increase loyalty, and drive growth.

Tools to use:

  • Dynamic Yield: Dynamic Yield leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior in real-time to recommend personalized content, optimize website experiences, and deliver targeted marketing messages. Pricing is not listed on this platform’s website.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization, previously Evergage, uses real-time user behavioral data, historical customer data, and machine learning algorithms to enable organizations to personalize content, such as calls to action. Pricing starts at $1,250 per month and varies based on plan and features.
Content Creation

AI-powered content creation tools can be invaluable for associations seeking to produce high-quality, relevant content efficiently. Several platforms leverage AI algorithms to transform structured data into human-like narratives, generating reports, articles, and personalized communications at scale. Associations can use AI content creation tools to automate the creation of member newsletters, event summaries, or data-driven insights, freeing up valuable time and resources for other strategic initiatives.

Tools to use:

  • Wordsmith by Automated Insights: Wordsmith is a natural language generation platform that transforms structured data into human-like narratives. It enables organizations to automate the creation of reports, articles, and personalized communications at scale. Pricing is not listed on this platform’s website.
  • ChatGPT: Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT utilizes advanced natural language processing algorithms to create engaging articles, stories, and more. Pricing for ChatGPT varies based on usage, with options ranging from free to pay-per-use models to subscription plans tailored to individual or enterprise needs.
Understanding Member Data

Understanding and leveraging user data is essential for associations to tailor their offerings and communication strategies effectively. AI-powered analytics platforms can offer valuable information related to member behavior, preferences, and trends. These platforms use advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and uncover actionable insights that can inform decision-making processes. For example, associations can use AI-driven analytics to identify patterns in member engagement, predict future trends, and optimize marketing campaigns for better outreach and conversion rates.

Tools to use:

  • IBM Watson Studio: Watson Studio is a powerful AI-powered data analysis platform that helps organizations uncover actionable insights from large datasets. Leveraging machine learning algorithms, Watson Studio identifies trends, predicts user behavior, and recommends personalized engagement strategies. Watson Studio’s lite plan is free, while paid plans include additional features.
  • Google Analytics 4: Google Analytics 4 utilizes AI algorithms to analyze website traffic, user behavior, and engagement metrics. It provides insights into member demographics, interests, and preferences, enabling associations to tailor their online experiences accordingly. Google Analytics offers a free version with premium features available in Google Analytics 360.
Automating Administrative Tasks

Associations often grapple with repetitive administrative tasks that consume valuable time and resources. AI-powered automation tools can streamline these processes by intelligently handling routine tasks such as data entry, scheduling, and email management. For example, virtual assistants use natural language processing algorithms to schedule meetings and appointments seamlessly, saving associations time and effort. Similarly, robotic process automation platforms automate data entry and workflow tasks, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

Tools to use:

  • Clara: An AI-driven virtual assistant, Clara specializes in automating scheduling and administrative tasks. Through natural language processing technology, Clara intelligently manages meeting coordination, sends reminders, and handles other administrative duties, allowing organizations to optimize productivity. Pricing for Clara is available upon request, and the platform’s website notes new pricing is coming soon.
  • UiPath: With UiPath's robotic process automation platform, organizations can streamline data entry, document processing, and other routine workflows, reducing errors and improving efficiency. UiPath offers a free option, a pro account starting at $420 per month, and an enterprise account (pricing is not listed for this on the platform’s website).
  • Automation Anywhere: By leveraging AI and machine learning technologies, Automation Anywhere streamlines data entry, document processing, and other repetitive workflows, improving productivity and accuracy. Pricing is not listed on this platform’s website.
Enhancing Member Engagement

Effective member engagement is the cornerstone of association success, driving participation, loyalty, and advocacy. AI-driven chatbots represent a promising tool for enhancing member engagement by providing instant support, information, and personalized recommendations. Associations can deploy AI-powered tools like chatbots to offer round-the-clock support, answer frequently asked questions, and facilitate event registration, enhancing member satisfaction and engagement.

Tools to use:

  • Ada: Ada is an AI-powered chatbot platform that enables organizations to deliver proactive and personalized member interactions across various channels. Using natural language processing and machine learning, Ada understands member queries and provides relevant responses in real-time. Pricing is not listed on this platform’s website.
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation: IBM Watson Campaign Automation is an AI-powered marketing automation platform that helps associations orchestrate personalized member communications. Using AI algorithms, Watson Campaign Automation analyzes member data, predicts optimal engagement times, and delivers targeted messages across various channels, increasing member engagement and conversions. Pricing for this service is not listed on the platform’s website.
Elevating Decision-Making

Making informed decisions is critical for the success of any organization. AI technologies can augment human decision-making processes by providing data-driven insights and predictive analytics. For example, predictive analytics platforms use AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze historical data and forecast future trends, enabling associations to make proactive decisions and mitigate risks. Additionally, AI-driven decision support systems provide cognitive capabilities to analyze complex data sets and recommend optimal courses of action based on predefined criteria.

Tools to use:

  • Salesforce Einstein: Salesforce Einstein uses AI and machine learning algorithms to provide predictive analytics, segmentation, and personalized recommendations, empowering associations to gain valuable insights into member behavior and preferences. Salesforce Einstein 1 starts at $500 per user per month.
  • SAS Predictive Analytics: SAS Predictive Analytics analyzes historical data to forecast future trends, enabling associations to make proactive decisions and optimize strategies. Pricing for SAS Predictive Analytics is available upon request.
  • IBM Watson Decision Optimization: Watson Decision Optimization, a part of the Watson Studio, enables associations to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and drive strategic growth initiatives. Watson Studio’s lite plan is free, while paid plans include additional features.
Streamlining Internal Processes

AI technology can also streamline internal operations and processes, enabling associations to operate more efficiently and effectively. Associations can use AI tools to automate manual data entry, document processing, and administrative tasks, reducing errors and increasing productivity. By freeing up staff time from mundane tasks, associations can redirect resources towards strategic initiatives such as member recruitment, advocacy efforts, or professional development programs.

Tools to use:

  • UiPath: UiPath's robotic process automation platform can automate manual data entry, document processing, and administrative tasks, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity. UiPath offers a free option, a pro account starting at $420 per month, and an enterprise account (pricing is not listed for this on the platform’s website).
  • Tableau: Tableau from Salesforce is a data visualization and analytics platform that incorporates AI-driven features to streamline internal processes. With intuitive data exploration and visualization capabilities, Tableau enables associations to analyze and share insights effectively, improving collaboration and decision-making. Pricing for Tableau starts at $15 per user per month and increases with additional features.
  • Looker: A business intelligence platform and Google Cloud service, Looker connects to various data sources to automate data analysis and provide actionable insights, enabling associations to make data-driven decisions efficiently. Pricing for Looker is based on a subscription model.

Using These Tools Starts with Education

Before integrating these tools into your organization, it’s key to know how they work and what you can do with them. For the ultimate lesson on AI, register for our AI Learning Hub, which is designed specifically for busy association professionals like you. Lessons include an introduction to AI, an overview of prompting AI models, developing AI strategies, and more. Click the link below to sign up. 

AI Learning Hub

Allison Kral
Post by Allison Kral
March 14, 2024
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