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How content builds brand habits

image image imageOctober 07, 2020 image image3 min. to read
How content builds brand habits

Whether they realize it or not, many people build their habits around consuming content. 

Some look forward to a leisurely cup of coffee with the Sunday paper. Others eagerly await an insightful newsletter that brightens their lunch hour. Before long, this content becomes woven into the daily fabric of our lives.

Marketers have a name for this universal pattern: Brand habit. Organizations that successfully foster brand habits are capable of attracting and retaining a loyal following. If you want people to consistently, frequently engage with your organization, content should be an essential part of your strategy. 

Here are three ways your content strategy can build brand habits that stick. 

Provide valuable insights

First and foremost, your content must deliver quality insights that readers can’t find anywhere else. In a content landscape that’s often cluttered with fluff, factual information can quickly cut through the noise. 

There are many tactics you can use to increase your content’s credibility. Reliable strategies include:

  • Publishing hard data, such as survey results or relevant industry statistics 
  • Original interviews with experts in your field
  • In-depth reports full of verified details and facts
  • Updated posts that keep content current
  • Articles about important policy changes shaping your industry

As audiences grow increasingly skeptical of online news and content, you’ll need to work harder to earn their trust. These elements will help you show your work.

As a bonus, search engines reward genuinely helpful content with higher rankings. 

Publish new content frequently

Many organizations fall into a pattern of publishing in-depth content on an occasional basis. Unfortunately, infrequent publication can keep your organization on the sidelines. You should strive to be as present in your audience’s lives as possible.

Along with publishing in-depth reports, diversify your content with frequent, topical dispatches on timely issues in your industry. These shorter posts provide value to readers who are seeking relevant content to consume and share with their own networks.

Best of all, short, newsy posts take far less time to produce. You’ll be able to increase your content cadence without sacrificing quality.

Attract a large audience

Organizations work hard to define and target their ideal audiences. But when it comes to building brand habits, don’t be afraid to think big. Your content should reach as many people as possible. 

One way to think big is to shrink your focus. Segmenting your total possible audience into smaller niches will help you engage a wide variety of readers by tailoring content to their distinct needs.

In addition to creating outstanding content, you’ll need to make a plan to promote it. You’ll need to: 

  • Share your content on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Publish a newsletter rounding up recent posts
  • Explore syndication and partnership agreements with like-minded outlets
  • Create press releases to attract media attention for standout reports

As your audience grows, you’ll begin to notice a network effect. With time, dedicated readers will begin to regularly share your content, attracting new readers from their social circles.

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Heather Nolan is a marketing specialist at Sidecar. A former journalist and social media manager, Heather lives in New Orleans with her husband, son, and grumpy rescue dog.

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