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Intro to AI Webinar

Not impressed with ChatGPT?

Our Prompt Engineering Mini Course, a focused bundle of lessons from our AI Learning Hub, is tailored for those dissatisfied with generic AI outputs. This mini course is your gateway to mastering the art of crafting precise, relevant, and impactful prompts, guided by expert instruction. Dive deep into the science of prompt engineering with strategies designed to transform your AI interactions, ensuring impressive, intentional outputs every time.

Prompt Engineering 101

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Describe Your Image



Describe Your Image


Prompt Techniques

What You'll Learn:

  • Applied Prompt Engineering: Real-world examples of successful prompt techniques across various association and nonprofit use cases.
  • Efficient Prompting: Learn to minimize the trial and error with AI, saving you time in getting the right results on the first try.
  • Advanced Prompt Refinement: Learn the nuances of prompt engineering to refine complex requests, enhancing the sophistication of AI responses.


Master the art of prompt engineering for less than a new hardcover book.

Looking for more than just prompt engineering?


AI Learning Hub

Thousands of AI Learners have consumed Sidecar's educational content. Now you can access the best of that content (including this Prompt Engineering Mini Course) in our AI Learning Hub.