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AI Bootcamp for Associations

We get it. You attend these AI webinars and sessions, you're filled with ideas, but then what? The details start to fade, or even worse, by the time you try to apply them, AI has already moved on. Enter Sidecar's AI Bootcamp.

This is your on-demand AI course, blending self-paced learning with live expert interaction. It's designed for the busy association professional, offering continuously updated content and a community of peers to keep your AI knowledge fresh, relevant, and applicable. Here, you're not just learning AI; you're staying ahead of it.

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Annual Subscription | $399 per year

*SPECIAL OFFER* Lifetime access for $399 to the first 50 people to sign up*

Why choose our AI Bootcamp?

Continuous Learning, Continuous Application: The world of AI doesn't stand still, and neither should your learning. Our regularly updated content ensures you're always clued-in and ready to apply the latest AI insights.
Community of Continual Learners: Join a group of like-minded association pros on a similar journey. Share experiences, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes.
Practical Expertise, Minus the Jargon: During our live office hours, ask all your burning questions and get answers that make sense - no tech jargon overload here.
Learn on Your Terms: Our self-paced format respects your busy schedule, allowing you to learn when it suits you best.

What's the structure? 

Our bootcamp is an innovative learning model that offers the best of both worlds: structured online modules you can complete at your own pace, combined with the dynamic support of live expert interactions. Our annual subscription grants you access to a curated curriculum focused on practical AI application in the world of associations. Here's what you can dive into right away:
  • Intro to AI: Ground yourself with the basics of artificial intelligence, understanding its core concepts and terminologies.
  • Prompting AI Models: Learn the art of communicating with AI, mastering how to ask the right questions to get the best results.
  • Marketing + AI: Discover how AI is revolutionizing marketing, from personalized campaigns to data-driven decision making.
  • AI + Strategy: Strategize with AI in mind, leveraging its capabilities to drive your association's objectives forward.
  • Exponential Innovation + AI: Explore how AI contributes to rapid innovation, transforming industries and society at large.

We’ll be regularly updating these modules and adding new ones so you’re always up to speed on the latest AI advancements.

AI Bootcamp Group Pricing

Enroll an unlimited number of staff in the AI Bootcamp for one flat rate with the option to add on volunteers too! 

Pricing Tiers
Tier 1
Revenue < $1M
Your investment: $1,000
*Unlimited staff*
Tier 2
Revenue $1M - $3M
Your investment: $2,000
*Unlimited staff*
Tier 3
Revenue $3M – $5M
Your investment: $4,000
*Unlimited staff*
Tier 4
Revenue $5M - $10M
Your investment: $8,000
*Unlimited Staff*
Tier 5
Revenue $10M - $15M
Your investment: $10,000
*Unlimited Staff*
Tier 6
Revenue $15M - $20M
Your investment: $15,000
*Unlimited staff*
Tier 7
Revenue $20M - $50M
Your investment: $20,000
*Unlimited staff*
Tier 8
Revenue >  $50M
Your investment: $30,000
*Unlimited staff*

Why does pricing depend on your organizational revenue?

To provide an equal, gold-standard experience across the board, Sidecar’s annual revenue-driven price model allows us to meet each organization exactly where they are. Sidecar values transparency and fairness when it comes to providing access to opportunities.

How can I enroll volunteers in the AI Bootcamp too? 

Add on a fixed number of volunteers (equal to or less than your staff size) for 50% of the fee in your revenue tier. 
Interested in a flat rate to give AI Bootcamp access to all your association staff?
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