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Intro to AI Webinar

With the addition of digitalNow into Sidecar’s lineup of events, we know that you’ve got questions. Happily, we’ve also got some answers.

Here, we’ve done our best to provide as much clarity around this announcement as possible, but you can always reach us directly with any additional questions by emailing us at

You can also learn more about digitalNow and RSVP to hear more details as soon as they’re available by clicking here.

Who is Sidecar? 

Sidecar gives leaders the skills and tools they need to lead their membership organizations with purpose by producing educational and inspirational events and content. But it is within the Sidecar membership where true leaders really grow. Thanks to Sidecar’s step-by-step courses, eBooks, toolkits, videos, virtual networking opportunities, and online community, members can consistently learn from each other and have greater impact for good.

What is digitalNow? 

digitalNow brings together CEOs and volunteer leaders from some of the most influential professional, non-profit, and trade associations in America for a three-day annual summit addressing the critical issues facing association leaders in the digital age. Designed with input from the prestigious digitalNow Advisory Group, this conference offers an intimate community of select C-level executives, one-on-one access to world-class keynote speakers, original research and carefully curated partners and up-and-coming tech platforms. 

How can I learn about the next digitalNow event? 

While we’re hard at work finalizing details about the 2021 event, you can RSVP now to make sure you’re among the first to know when we do! 

What does this mean for Sidecar members? 

The content Sidecar members have access to is about to get even better. With digitalNow comes a literal treasure trove of content thanks to all of the presentations and discussions we have on video. All digitalNow content will be accessible and searchable for Sidecar members through our Video Archive. 

What does this mean for previous attendees for digitalNow? 

A great new opportunity to engage with and return the sessions you loved. Join Sidecar now to have full access to all existing content from digitalNow, plus everything else Sidecar has to offer, including step-by-step courses, our video archive of great workshops and discussions, plus access to a growing online community. 

Will I have to be a Sidecar member to attend digitalNow?

Absolutely not. While we welcome any interest in Sidecar membership, by no means it is a prerequisite for attending digitalNow. 

How can I stream content from previous editions of digitalNow?

Sidecar members will have exclusive, ongoing access to stream content from past events. Join now to check out content from previous editions of digitalNow, plus get access to Sidecar’s entire archive of virtual panel discussions, workshops and interviews, more than 15 step-by-step leadership courses on topics like cultural transformation or using a data-focused approach to predicting who among your members is most likely to cancel.

Attendees of DigitalNOW 2020 will get a free, 75-day Sidecar membership so they can explore all of these features for themselves. Those attendees will be contacted directly about that offer. 

Hugh Lee and Don Dea are an integral part of digitalNow. Will they still be involved? 

We agree: digitalNow co-founders Hugh and Don have a willingness to experiment and seek inspiration from untapped sources and new technologies, which has created an unmissable event. We’re so thankful for their support as we move digitalNow into an exciting future. To ensure a smooth transition, Don will work closely with Sidecar for the event’s next two years while Hugh transitions to retirement over the next six months. 

I’d love for my team to experience digitalNow. Can I get them access to the recordings? 

That’s one of the best parts about digitalNow becoming part of Sidecar. With our Team memberships, you can share all of the great content from digitalNow without having to book any extra hotel rooms. Plus, our Team memberships include full access to everything else Sidecar has to offer, including our entire video archive of workshops and panel discussions, step-by-step courses and access to our growing online community. Request custom pricing for your team now to get started. 

How will digitalNow change? 

One of the things we love most about digitalNow is how deeply involved this community is throughout the entire process of planning and organizing the event every year thanks to the leadership of the digitalNow Advisory Group. That group will continue to be an integral part of planning digitalNow, as will the event’s focus on critical conversations, new technologies and innovative approaches C-suite association leaders need to consider as they go boldly into the future. The first 20 years of digitalNow have set the standard for a powerful and intimate experience. Our goal is to build onto that foundation with a hybrid conference, as well as other improvements. (Have ideas of your own that you’d like to share? Send us an email at

Will digitalNow continue to be virtual in the future? 

As we all know, 2020 presented unprecedented challenges for the event industry, and digitalNow was not immune, going to a fully virtual platform for the first time in its 20-year history. 

Coming off of last year, we’re not brazen enough to predict the future, but we do know a few things: One of the best things about digitalNow is the networking and connections available with a world-class, in-person event. We will make every effort to host digitalNow 2021 in-person, and we’ll have more details about that in the coming weeks and months. 

But we also believe the acceleration in virtual event technology in 2020 presents a fantastic opportunity to bring the critical conversations at digitalNow to an even bigger audience, all while protecting the intimacy crucial to the success of the in-person conference. We envision the future of digitalNow to be hybrid, combining the exclusive elements of the in-person event with the wide-reaching capabilities of live streaming. 

RSVP now to make sure you’re the first to know all the details as we put our noses to the grindstone and create a fantastic event for digitalNow 2021. 

Who is Blue Cypress?

Blue Cypress is a family of companies aligned by the Conscious Capitalism philosophy: we believe in serving purpose-driven leaders who impact the world in positive ways. Blue Cypress launches new brands and acquires existing businesses as a part of our evergreen (or long-term) investment strategy. Each family member company is unique in its market, products, services, and operations. Members of the Blue Cypress family include Sidecar, CIMATRI, PROPEL,, and Tasio. Blue Cypress has an extensive partner network that includes: PropFuel, Gather Voices, UpContent, Matchbox Virtual Media and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Sidecar Staff
Post by Sidecar Staff
January 26, 2021
At Sidecar, we create the professional development tools a leader needs to grow their career and their purpose-driven membership organization, like associations and nonprofits. The skills you’ll learn within our growing community, interactive workshops and from our step-by-step courses will drive innovation, empower strategic thinking and institute cultural changes wherever your career takes you.