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Scott Breen and Tori Liu headshots
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Climbing the ladder of success
Neural networks
AI and the internet
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Association Leadership Interview Series: A Conversation with Jay Karen
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Association Leadership Interview Series: A Conversation with Jay Karen

Beyond Automation: The Era of AI Agents

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Neuralink and Elon Musk, Generative AI and Privacy Risks, and NYC Local Law 144 [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 15]

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Marketing and AI with Greg Kihlström [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 14]

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Harnessing the Power of Exhaust Streams: A New Frontier for Association Data Analysis 

Navigating Professional Development in the Age of AI With the Growth Mindset

Professional Development in the Age of AI [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 13]:

The Critical Role of Data in AI

The Data Episode [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 12]

AI's Growing Impact on the Scientific Method

The Intersection of AI and Science, Robin AI, the NYT Lawsuit Against OpenAI and Microsoft [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 11]

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3 Ways to Drive Professional Development That Support Purpose-Driven Leaders

10 AI Predictions to Look Out for in 2024

Ten AI Predictions in 2024 [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 10]

4 Simple Ways To Harness the Awe Mindset For Team Motivation

Interview w/ Alice Locatelli | Senior Director of Digital Strategy, Society of Actuaries [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 09]

How AI Matching Can Elevate Your Organization’s Networking Opportunities

Leading into the Future: Why Leaders Must Embrace AI Training

Association Leadership Interview Series: A Conversation with Christina Lewellen

Registration Open for digitalNow 2024 Conference

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5 Expert AI Learning Resources To Empower Associations

The Powerful Role and Challenges of AI Governance in Conscious Innovation 

Top 5 Tools to Measure Member Engagement and Activity

AI's Materials Science Leap, the AI Alliance, Open Source Versus Closed, and AI Governance [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 7]

The AI Alliance Emerges: The Debate Between Open Source and Closed AI 

6 Reasons Professional Development is Important for Your and Your Organization

Navigating Software Selection for Associations in the Age of AI

How to Eliminate Web Content Friction Through Generative AI Search

Unpacking Q* and Amazon Q Rethinking Organizational Structure with AI Workflows [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 6]

The Power of Custom GPTs for Associations 

Sam Altman is Back at OpenAI, When AI is "Just Good Enough," and Generative AI Search [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 05]

Future-proofing Your Association with a Common Data Platform

AI Art Generators: Which One You Should Use and Why

Navigating Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

OpenAI Developer Conference: Unveiling the Future for Associations

Association Leadership Interview Series: A Conversation with Michelle Duke

President Biden's Executive Order on AI- What You Need to Know

Empowering Leadership: The Evolving Role of AI Agents and Companions in Associations

Custom GPTs and the Argument for Pausing Legacy Upgrades in Favor of AI [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 04]

Rosie’s Closer Than You Think: Preparing Associations for the AI Agent Revolution 

How Associations Can Broaden Their Horizons with AI Translation Tools

Navigating the digitalNow and OpenAI’s Developer Event - Key Takeaways for Associations [Sidecar Sync Podcast Episode 03]

The Final Face-Off: Which is the Right Collaboration Platform for Your Association? 

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: How to Transform Your Innovation Pipeline

Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited for digitalNow 2023

Non-dues Revenue: Harnessing Affiliate Marketing and Partnerships 

How Associations Can Use Microsoft Teams to Streamline More than Just Communication 

Non-Dues Revenue: How to Leverage the Demand for Continuous Learning 

digitalNow 2023 Keynote Speakers to Focus on AI and Innovation for Associations

Top 5 Educational Events for Association Leaders

How Associations Can Use Slack to Improve Productivity

Activating Your Intangible Assets: How Associations Can Leverage AI to Protect Their Brand Reputation 

How to Improve Your Association's Conferences with AI 

6 Key Steps to Implement AI-Generated Tagging in Your Association

How to Improve Your Association’s Credentialing and Accreditation Programs with AI 

How Associations Can Use Zoom to Improve Offerings and Streamline Operations

AI-Generated Tagging: Early Application Methods

5 Steps to Deliver Better Positive Feedback that Reduces Turnover

Evaluating the Battle of Slack, Zoom, & Microsoft Teams

How to Integrate Your Association’s Content into the AI Ecosystem 

AI Generated Tagging: Revolutionizing Content Taxonomy 

8 Must-Read Newsletters for Association Leaders

Top 10 Generative AI Tips Associations Can Use to Create Content and Drive Efficiencies

AI-Generated Tagging: A Game-Changer for Association Organization 

Revolutionize Your Association’s Content Taxonomy with AI

How to Leverage a Common Data Platform to Improve Operations

What is a Common Data Platform and How Can it Transform Associations? 

How to Embrace Change and Navigate the Challenges of AI Adoption in Associations 

Transforming Associations: The Power of Embracing Profitability 

Rethinking Membership Business Models for Associations 

How to Build a Strategic Moat for Associations

How Associations Can Leverage AI to Better Serve Their Members

How to Use the Learn/Experiment/Build Framework to Create a Culture of Change 

4 Ways to Keep Your Association Relevant and Thriving 

How to Use AI to Revitalize Your Association in the Digital Age

The Ultimate Guide to Prompt Engineering: Improve Your Input for Better Output 

4 Ways Your Association Can Use AI for Process Improvement

Unleashing the Potential of AI: A Journey into a New Frontier of Member Engagement 

How to Embrace the Open Garden Organization in the Age of AI 

AI Image Generation: A Guide for Associations

Must-Have Questions for Your Next Member Satisfaction Survey

Tips for Offboarding Association Volunteers (Without the Hard Feelings)

AI in Action: Building Member Personas with ChatGPT

Be Unbusinesslike: Why Associations are Better Than Corporations

7 Lessons on Podcasting From ‘The Association Podcast’ Hosts

Demystifying APIs: A Non-Technical Guide for Association Leaders to Select Robust Software Solutions

3 Takeaways From Our Generative AI for Associations Webinar

Sidecar Water Cooler: The Four-Day Workweek

Bridging the Language Gap: How AI Translation Helps Associations Grow

Why Associations Must Consider Veterans in Their Inclusion Strategy

Addressing Volunteer Accessibility: Strengthening Your Program

Sidecar Water Cooler: Exploring AI Ethics

Overcoming Leadership Avoidance: 5 Strategies to Embrace Responsibility

Boosting Member Experience with AI

Welcoming Heidi Voorhees Haneberg as Sidecar's New CEO

How to Use AI to Build Better Email Campaigns

Volunteer or Staff Position? Determining the Right Fit for Your Organization

5 Moves Associations Can Make to Prepare for a “Slowcession”

Ensuring Digital Accessibility for All: Best Practices for Online Courses

Decoding the AI Buzz: Association Professionals Weigh In

When It Comes to Your Audience, Sometimes Local Means Global

Must-Try AI Tools for Associations & Non-Profits

Inspiring Associations to Embrace the Possibilities of Generative AI

Sidecar Water Cooler: Workplace Trends to Know for 2023

AI in Action: Summarizing Your Association Content

Creating Member Onboarding Experiences That Drive Retention

Generative AI – a Game Changer for Associations?

Introducing Betty Bot – The Association AI Chatbot

6 Key Strategies for Building an Engaging Community

7 Ways Associations Can Use Video in 2023

7 Tips on Planning for Last-Minute Event Attendees

Get Usable Content For Your Association Using These 3 ChatGPT Prompts

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Accessibility Considerations for Your Next Association Event

Sidecar Water Cooler: Is AI Putting Our Jobs at Risk?

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6 Event Planning Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Place, Process, DEI and Wellness: Workplace Culture in 2023

Why Associations Need Futurist-Minded Leaders

What ‘Break Point’ & ‘Drive to Survive’ Can Teach Associations About Attracting New Members

Sidecar Water Cooler: Burnout

7 Must-Haves in Your Membership Renewal Letter

Want a Successful Mentorship Program? Do These 3 Things

7 Skills & Qualities You Need for a Successful Career in Associations Work

How Do You Assess the Emotional Intelligence of Potential Leaders?

Should Your Association Still Bother with Twitter?

3 Unique Challenges for Global Membership Associations

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Why Sidecar Just Made Its Membership More Affordable for Every Organization

Should Southwest’s Holiday Meltdown Be a Warning for Associations?

5 Essential Leadership Skills for Association Leaders

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How Are Associations Leveraging Blockchain Technology?

Should You Streamline Your Association's Subscriptions?

3 Member Engagement Lessons from Spotify Wrapped

Can Tech Layoffs Positively Impact Association Hiring?

Building a Board of Directors Onboarding Plan

How Do You Create an Association?

9 Keys to Effective Professional Development

Changing Minds and Governance – How CLARB Built a Diverse Board of Directors

Finding and Empowering Introverted Association Leaders

Are Your Members Your Best Customers?

Liberating Structures – A Solution for Event Engagement?

Does Your Association Need a Staff Re-Onboarding Plan?

How to Talk to Your Members About Dues Changes

Everything You Need to Know About Board Diversity

What Is Crypto Philanthropy?

You Failed Your CAE. Now What?

The Business Case for AI in Associations

What Is a Standards Association?

5 Burnout Recovery Tips for Association Professionals

Audience vs. Community: What The Difference Means for Associations

4 Common Mentor Mistakes to Avoid

digitalNow 2022 Virtual – Planning Your Schedule

8 Must-try AI and Web3 Apps for Association Professionals

Multichannel Marketing 101: Executing a Winning Campaign

Can Member Data Help Associations Boost Retention?

digitalNow 2022 Day 2: Web3, The Next Generation of Community

digitalNow 2022 Day 1: AI Isn’t the Future – It’s Already Here!

What Is Divergent Thinking and How Can It Benefit Your Association?

When Do You Throw in the Towel on a Meeting?

The Rise of Passive Aggressive Firing and Quitting

6 Keys to Implementing Effective Professional Development in Your Organization

4 Best Practices for a Microlearning Course

Meet Our 2022 digitalNow Rising Leaders