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On Sidecar's blog, we focus on untold stories, new ideas, cutting edge technology and lessons learned from the association industry and beyond.

Speaker Management Strategies for Your Association Event

From annual conferences to fun virtual webinars for members, speakers can make or break an event. While finding them is often the biggest battle, managing them can be just as challenging without the right speaker management strategy. Not only do these strategies impact the way you onboard a speaker, but also how you support them […]

What You Need to Know About Association Committees

When it comes to associations and nonprofits, there is no shortage of volunteer opportunities. However, few roles have as significant an impact as serving on an association committee. These groups work as an extension of the board of directors and are tasked with anything from day-to-day operations to major initiatives that can change the course […]

Should Associations Still Be Thinking About Web3?

Inflation. Layoffs. Crypto-Winter. The promised nirvana of Web3 seems further away now than ever before. So was it all just a fad? Does the current economic downturn invalidate the Web3 movement? Web3?... Or Blockchain? Let's begin by considering the term itself. “Web3” is essentially a pop-culture rebrand of blockchain technology. The “Web3” moniker was first coined back in 2014 by Ethereum co-founder Gavin […]

What is digitalNow’s Rising Leaders Program?

The digitalNow Rising Leaders program, formerly Leaders of Distinction, recognizes up-and-coming leaders that are making strides to support innovation and progress within the purpose-driven organization space. The program introduces these leaders to the digitalNow community and supports their attendance through sponsored tickets. Who is the Rising Leaders program for? Rising Leaders nominees must be working […]

How To Make Video Personalization Your Membership Superpower

We’ve all heard it: personalization is critical to maximizing online engagement. Digital marketing tactics that make the person on the other side of the communication feel understood overperform. And that’s true for all digital marketing tactics from email to video. That’s because your members want to engage with real people, not with your organization. Video […]

Everything You Need to Know About Boards of Directors

In an association, you likely have staff and an executive director or CEO who handle day-to-day operations. So what does the board of directors do? Put simply, they control the overarching strategy and direction of the association. But who are they, how were they chosen and what does their role actually entail?  Here is everything […]

How to Talk To Your Members About DAOs

Most associations have a traditional model – the board and executives work together to run an organization that offers services and benefits to its members. However, in this conventional model, members have little to no control over what the organization does.  Decentralized autonomous organizations – DAOs – flip this model, decentralizing the power structure and putting […]

Is Authenticity Missing From Your Leadership Strategy?

Whether you’re new to a leadership role or looking to be more effective in times of uncertainty and change, authenticity may be the strategy you’ve been missing. While all organizations are different, some prioritize leaders who are focused more on results and authority and less on the interpersonal connections they make with their staff. Not […]

Web3 Terms Every Association Professional Should Know

For most people, Web3 is an often confused and hard-to-imagine future version of our world complete with its own financial systems and virtual realities we’ll use to interact. And while many of these new technologies sound exciting, a polished and functional version of them is still a ways away.  However, many of the tools and […]

How This Nonprofit Raised Every Staffer’s Salary to a $70K Minimum

Back in 2021 – at the height of the pandemic and as many organizations looked for ways to cut back – Choose 180, a Seattle non-profit, raised staffer salaries to $70,000. “For some of the organization’s 24 staff, the pay hikes amounted to a $20,000 annual raise in an instant, using existing funds” according to The Seattle […]

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